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T Theory - How God and the Universe Was Born.

The Biggest Puzzle In The Universe. 

A Materpiece of Spirituality Thought and Science.

 Author Tom Barrera Shares His Experience and Discovery of T Theory.

I Started out here. >>> How was God Created? What came before the Big Bang?

Which Came First God or the Universe?  Who organized the universe? How was it organized by what?  IS life on other planets? Do they have a God? Are Aliens the Gods? Or Angels? Premortality and Eternal Life? What is the True meaning of Astrology and Numerology?

Is there life after death, a heaven and hell? Did the universe really begin with a NO Bang?


My journey to the answers leads to; 

How God was Born Before the Physical Universe. The Big Bang Theory... BUSTED. 

Hawking's NO GOD Theory  BUSTED.  Darwin’s Theory of Evolution... BUSTED.

Ancient Astronaut Theory Busted By The Real Extraterrestrials!  

Tesla 1, 2, 3 ,6, 9 code solved... by T theory.  

This is His Story of the Writing of the Book of T with Metaphysical Help from 5th Dimensional Realms of Existence. His journey of inspirational discovery leads to how God and the Universe came to be by intelligent design. Gods proves he exists, again. This work will present summaries of the most recent scientific and spiritual thinking about God and the mysteries of the universe in layman's terms. T Theory replaces the big bang theory with one Uniting Religions together with Science Disproving Hawking's No God or Afterlife Theory. 

This is how and why I started out to disprove Hawking.

Never in My Wildest Dreams Did I Expect What Would Happen Next.


I Was Given A Mission.

Write this Book of T Theory of Everything.

The Key that Unlocks the Separation of Gods Religions from

Science and Universal Creation.

For All Religions, Spiritualities, Sciences, Governments even Astronaut Theory,

Metaphysics, Astrology and Numerology too.

Atheists and Agnostics;

Read...Listen...Watch...Make Up Your Own Mind ?
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