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T Theory - How God Created the Universe In 6 Days
The Biggest Puzzle In The Universe. 

A Masterpiece of Spirituality Thought  Science Religion.
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 Author Tom Barrera Shares His Experience and Discovery of T Theory.

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This Book of T Theory is FREE to Read Online Now.

There are no ads, pop ups, phishing or other distractions on this site.

In lieu of selling it, I am accepting donations to help support this work.

Minimum donation is $100,000 

Just kidding....any amount will be greatly appreciated. 


This is the Best Way to Read,

Watch, Listen and Enjoy this Multimedia Web Book.

ON a Desk Top, Laptop, or Pad, Not eReaders and Smartphones.


Trust me. Smartphones are just to small and Ebooks are not multimedia friendly.

But if you do want to read this book offline and still enjoy all the

multimedia content, links and video clips, get the


Download and Print Multi-Media QR Coded Web Book.

 Just donate to one of our favorite 3 charities shown below.

I promise you it will be one of the most entertaining, informative and enjoyable Print Books you will ever read because you can use your smartphone to view all the QR Coded Multimedia content on this site off line. 

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Download the Printable PDF QR Coded Web Book. 

(Coming Soon)

Chose one of these 3 worthy charities* to donate to.

*90% goes directly to charity and 10% to the Author for administration.

1. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,

2. The Humane Society.

3. Shriners Children's Hospital

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